THE SUPPLEMENT – brought to you by the Human Rights anti-Party


The Human Rights anti-Party is a non-governmental organization (NGO), a think tank, and a political anti-party.  It is a non-partisan (or more accurately, anti-partisan) aggregator of information and ideas.  The anti-party has existed since 2011.

The Supplement is the anti-party’s weekly news show.  It is co-anchored by Indigo Morgan & chairman of the anti-party Sam Cashion.  They choose to describe it this way:

Every week, we force you to wrap your lips around your SUPPLEMENT. The mainstream media is too shitty to tell you important things that may or may not be depressing that you need to hear. We have taken it upon ourselves to shove those things in your minds whether you want it or not.  Well, actually, you could always stop watching, but we didn’t take that into account.  So, uh, fucking watch it.


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